Tuesday, June 3, 2014

May the force be with you!

Two Sundays ago, Mommy was finally able to reserve some Fast Passes for the Toy Story Mania ride at Hollywood Studios, so we went to that park.

Mommy forgot all about the Star Wars Weekends, so it was very crowded. As soon as Daddy saw the characters just walking around, mommy said he was like a little kid again.

We ended up getting quite a few pictures with characters and even some autographs.

I also really liked Ahsoka and Shaak Ti. They were very nice.

Some of them were a little scary looking.

My favorite ones that day were Luke Skywalker and Anakin. Don't tell Daddy, but I may have a crush on Luke & Anakin! Just look at them holding my hand! <3 I think I may have stolen Luke's heart from Princess Leia, that's ok, since they are brother and sister anyway!

It was such a hot day. Mommy ran into one of her old friends, which was nice because we got help from her to get a group picture with a Storm Trooper. We also helped her get one with her mom and the Storm Trooper. :)

We plan to go again this weekend so that I can try to meet a Princess. Yay!

I would have gotten this blog post up a little sooner, but going through all of the pictures was difficult. Daddy took a ton!

We also celebrated Memorial Day and then started getting things ready for Dominic's last day of school. 

Dominic had a chorus performance last week and also he was competing in the Math Bowl. Mommy says that is where the 3rd grade team chooses five 3rd grade students to participate in a math competition against other 3rd graders from schools all around the county. They did not win, but they still did great! 

Then this weekend my Aunt Kristyn stayed with us all weekend. We mostly stayed home and hung out. 

Yesterday, I had hoped to post this, but Austin was sick. :( Thankfully, he is all better today! Hopefully I can get the next post up within a couple of days after we go! Just keep checking my facebook page for small updates and pictures! :)

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