Friday, June 27, 2014

Colors of the Wind


This past weekend we went to Animal Kingdom to meet Pocahontas. We originally had plans to go see Merida at Magic Kingdom, but Mommy was afraid I may not fit into part of my Pocahontas outfit for much longer, so we went to see Pocahontas first. :) 

When we got there, they had already closed the line and told us to come back in a little over 30 minutes. So we went and ate a small lunch while we waited. Then we went back over to her spot and they came out and told us that she would be going to her rainy location. There was a pretty big storm rolling in. About 3 minutes before she was supposed to be coming out, they came to tell us that she would not be out because of the thunder and lightning. So we waited under the shelter.

While we waited, there was a Wilderness Explorer (Princess!) talking to us and sharing information about flamingos. She was super nice. She played with me a little bit and then I fell asleep for a nap. When it was time for her to come out, they moved us back over to the first location. Finally we got to see her! I was still a little sleepy though.

She loved my beautiful outfit and was telling Dominic and Austin something about Meeko always hiding and playing games. I held her finger and would not let go once Mommy started to walk off. I liked her!

After that we were supposed to head over to Magic Kingdom for the parade and some Fast Passes Mommy had, but since the weather was so icky we just walked around a little bit and went to the Dinosaur section then headed home. 

We also went to a birthday party, last weekend, for a little girl named Ashlynn. That was fun. It was my first time in a pool. Mommy thought I would fall asleep, but I did not. I was too busy watching the other kids shoot their water guns. 

I am officially 6 months (and 1 week) old! We will see how big I am next week at my DR. Appointment. 

*My Pocahontas outfit was made by RoyalRoe
*My headband and barefoot sandals was made by ScarletsShoppe

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

No surprise Princess for us.

This weekend we had planned on going to Disney for the last Star Wars weekend event. We had hoped to meet a special bonus princess. Princess Leia! Our wonderful friends on Etsy were able to come up with an adorable dress and even a 'bun' headband! We were so excited and could not wait to go on Friday....

(Austin was a little nervous because I was leaning forward. I also had a different outfit on under my dress because we had to be quick. A storm was rolling in.)

Unfortunately, Florida weather over ruled. It was going to be raining ALL day. And we remembered the last time we went, they kept announcing that if it started to rain, they would have to take all characters inside. So our chances to be able to meet any were pretty slim. :( So we ended up not going.

Maybe I will still fit into my dress for next year's Star Wars weekends. And maybe we have our Halloween costume theme picked out now? :)

We have had Aunt Kristyn stay the night with us a few times since summer has begun. That is always fun! Last week my Godmommy (& my two God sisters and God brother) came to visit us.

Sunday was Father's Day, it was also my Daddy's birthday. We got to spend a couple of hours with him before he had to leave for work.

This week I have begun saying my first word! "Momma"! Mommy tries to get a video of me saying it, but I say it when I want her, so once she comes over with the camera, I don't need to say it anymore.

Tomorrow (Friday), I will be 6 months old! I cannot believe how quickly half a year has flown by. Soon mommy will have to start planning my birthday party! Ok, I have heard her mention ideas to Daddy a few times..

We plan to go to Disney this weekend. Hopefully we can go in the morning before the rain comes. Mommy just doesn't like waking me up in the morning. I like to sleep in until about 10:30 sometimes. 

Mommy also says I am going to go to my very first birthday party (for a girl!). It is a pink princess pool party! How exciting! 

* My Princess Leia dress was made by MissDelaneyShop
* My Princess Leia headband was made by Scarlet's Shoppe

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

May the force be with you!

Two Sundays ago, Mommy was finally able to reserve some Fast Passes for the Toy Story Mania ride at Hollywood Studios, so we went to that park.

Mommy forgot all about the Star Wars Weekends, so it was very crowded. As soon as Daddy saw the characters just walking around, mommy said he was like a little kid again.

We ended up getting quite a few pictures with characters and even some autographs.

I also really liked Ahsoka and Shaak Ti. They were very nice.

Some of them were a little scary looking.

My favorite ones that day were Luke Skywalker and Anakin. Don't tell Daddy, but I may have a crush on Luke & Anakin! Just look at them holding my hand! <3 I think I may have stolen Luke's heart from Princess Leia, that's ok, since they are brother and sister anyway!

It was such a hot day. Mommy ran into one of her old friends, which was nice because we got help from her to get a group picture with a Storm Trooper. We also helped her get one with her mom and the Storm Trooper. :)

We plan to go again this weekend so that I can try to meet a Princess. Yay!

I would have gotten this blog post up a little sooner, but going through all of the pictures was difficult. Daddy took a ton!

We also celebrated Memorial Day and then started getting things ready for Dominic's last day of school. 

Dominic had a chorus performance last week and also he was competing in the Math Bowl. Mommy says that is where the 3rd grade team chooses five 3rd grade students to participate in a math competition against other 3rd graders from schools all around the county. They did not win, but they still did great! 

Then this weekend my Aunt Kristyn stayed with us all weekend. We mostly stayed home and hung out. 

Yesterday, I had hoped to post this, but Austin was sick. :( Thankfully, he is all better today! Hopefully I can get the next post up within a couple of days after we go! Just keep checking my facebook page for small updates and pictures! :)