Tuesday, July 29, 2014

If you had a chance to change your fate, would you?

Last Friday we finally made a trip to Disney! We try to avoid Disney during the summer days. Mommy says it is to avoid the large crowds and the heat. Friday was definitely another hot day in Florida. As soon as we got there, we headed straight to Merida. The line was right in the sun, so mommy was trying to shade me as much as possible. Luckily, the line moved pretty quickly. We got to see her just in time, because shortly after meeting Merida, it began to storm. 

When we got to Merida, she said that I was a "wee Merida" and she loved my dress. ((Not sure why Austin is not smiling, I think Mommy needs to remind him to smile for the picture. I think maybe he gets nervous haha.))

Dominic asked her how her brothers have been and she said "They've been little devils!" Then she explained how she made fifty cakes the night before and they ate them ALL!

When we were taking the picture, I was more interested in her hair, so I was grabbing at it. Merida put some on my head. She was very friendly!

Mommy says my hair is probably going to be red, like Austin's. I wonder if it will be like Merida's!

After we met Merida, Mommy changed me into my Rapunzel outfit. She thinks I may have been a little too hot in the Merida dress.

So we got to see Rapunzel again! I think this is my third time meeting Rapunzel? 

((Again, Austin may be getting nervous when we take the pictures. Silly Austin!)) While she was talking to me, Dominic and Austin were standing behind her, so she turned around and asked them, "Are you two ruffians?! Are you going to try to steal some of my hair for yourselves?!" So they laughed and Austin and Rapunzel were doing the "I'm watching you" movement with their fingers and eyes.

I REALLY love Rapunzel! I smiled at her so much and then she played peekaboo with me! I love playing peekaboo! :)

She held my hand while we took our picture! I want to go back and play with her again some other day!

After meeting Rapunzel, we went to the Circus tent and I spun a plate on a stick! Well, James helped me! 

He also helped Dominic and Austin spin the plate too!


After that, I took a nap in the Monster's Inc Laugh Floor and then watched Daddy and my brothers spin in the teacups.

This past month has been full of all kinds of stuff. I am sitting up like a pro now. Trying to crawl too. Still no teeth yet, seems like I have been teething forever!

Sunday was my very first trip to the beach. The ride there and back was no fun (I screamed the whole time), Once we got there, I loved playing on the towel and watching the seagulls. I was getting excited standing in the water. I liked grabbing the sand in my hands and feeling it.


Mommy finally got a video of me saying "mama". She posted it onto my Facebook page.

I am 7 months old and I have met 9 Disney Princesses (Plus Tinker Bell!).  Only 3 more Princesses to go!! Do you think I can make it before I turn 1? :)

**My Merida dress is from MyOhSweetDesigns.
**My Merida headband and barefoot sandals are from ScarletsShoppe.