Thursday, January 22, 2015

For the First Time in Forever

We did it! We met all 12 Disney princesses before I turned one! And the extras that I met in coordinating outfits so far were Tinker Bell and Elsa. :)


We planned to go meet Anna on Black Friday, but it was too cold so we decided to go Saturday instead. It was VERY crowded. When we got into the line to meet Anna, the line only said 45 minutes. Shortly after getting in line, they raised it to 135 minutes..Luckily, we did not wait for more than two hours. Instead we only waited an hour and a half. Mommy brought Cheerios to keep my busy while we waited in line.

When it was finally our turn, Anna was very excited to see us. She noticed Dominic and Austin in their Princess Protection Agency shirts and asked them where they were when Hans was trying to take over the kingdom. We explained they were still in training at that time.

Then she asked if we liked chocolate. Of course we said yes. Anna asked what our favorite kind was and Dominic told her KitKat, she said she needed to try that one day.

After we met with Anna, mommy changed me into my Elsa dress. She wanted to make sure I wore it once to meet Elsa before I outgrew it and we aren't sure when we can come back to stand in the line again.

While mommy was changing me, Dominic & Austin talked with Elsa. I'm not sure what she was saying, but it looked interesting. Maybe my brothers were reminding her to be careful with her ice powers so I didn't get hurt. 

I was super tired by that time so I did not want to sit with Elsa by myself. She was very nice though.

Afterwards, we went on the Winnie the Pooh ride and the Ariel ride. I loved the Ariel ride!


I know it took quite a while to get this post up, we have been super busy with events going on at Dominic's school and Austin's school and then also planning my birthday party. I will be ONE on Saturday! :) We had a good Thanksgiving and also went to visit Santa a couple days before, to avoid the crowds. I did AWESOME meeting Santa and Mrs. Claus!

I'm still not officially walking on my own, but I take a few steps here and there. I do cruise around on whatever I can get my hands on.

Since I will not be visiting Disney for at least a few more weeks, we wish you all a Merry Christmas or Happy anything you may celebrate. :) Keep up with me on my facebook page!