Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Please Bring Honor To Us All

 Sunday we went to visit with Mulan!

Mulan was very nice. My brothers were asking what the thing was on the ground. Mulan said that Mushu must have put it there. (Mommy told me it was a door stopper)

Austin told Mulan that we defeated all of the Huns and Dominic told her they were trying to take over China again. Mulan was happy they helped. She asked Dominic if they had big muscles and Dominic showed her his...he was so silly because he had things on his arms to make it look like he had muscles. 

She loved my dress and hair clip. She was so friendly. She sat with me on the ground. At first, I couldn't stop looking at my Mulan dress, but mommy was able to break my concentration to take a picture.

She even gave me a kiss on my forehead!

I am officially 5 months old today!!

I am a pro now at rolling from tummy to back and have now figured out rolling over from back to tummy.

We are not sure who we will be seeing next time. Mommy got my Merida dress in the mail, but still waiting on the stuff for the headband. Mommy also needs to try to make me a skirt for my Pocahontas outfit. We can also go to meet a couple of them again. That is all for now! Here is a picture of me and my Mita! :) A new update will come soon, hopefully!

**My Mulan pillow case dress was made by one of Mommy's friends, Jennie Araujo Wood.

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