Monday, May 12, 2014

What have I been up to?

So sorry that I have not updated in so long. We have all been so busy with helping my Mita move. Then Daddy's graduation.

And my big brother, Austin's 4th birthday! Here I am playing in one of his new toys!

This past weekend we had Daddy's graduation party! I fell asleep through most of it and did not want many people to hold me. Mommy & Mita held me most of the time. I was not feeling my best, mostly because of my teething. :(

Of course, this weekend was also Mother's Day! We went to the park with Mommy, Daddy, Dominic and Austin and my Mita and Aunts. We had a lot of fun walking to see the alligators, but it was very hot.

I've been working more on trying to roll over. I've got the tummy to back down, but mommy just keeps turning me back over, so after a few times I finally give up and suck my thumb. 

My Merida dress finally arrived! I can't wait to wear it! I think we may try to go this weekend to see Mulan. 

My two bottom teeth still have not come in yet, but they are bugging me more and more every day. Hopefully they will come through soon!

My mommy took me to my Doctor for my 4 month checkup and they say I weighed MORE than 17 pounds! She also said I can start trying some cereal. So mommy gave me some with a little bit of milk and I loved it!

I have also been working on sitting up! 

Well, that is all for now! I have been posting a picture every now and then on my facebook page! Add it HERE. :) I will be posting a new entry here again soon! 


  1. Love reading your blog :) can't wait to read more!

    1. Thanks! :) I just posted the next entry!