Sunday, April 6, 2014

A whole new world!

First, my Daddy passed his fire academy exam! Yay!!

This weekend we got to go to Epcot to meet Jasmine and Aurora. It was a very hot day so mommy was trying to keep me cool and shaded as much as possible. We missed Jasmine when we first got there, so mommy changed me and we went to see Sleeping Beauty. 

When we saw Aurora, she noticed my brothers' shirts. She asked them if they were good Princess Protectors. She asked Dominic how many dragons he has fought today and if he used a sword. Dominic said that they fought 4 with daggers. What brave brothers I have!

Aurora also LOVED my pedicure. :) Mommy painted my toes pink. (We also got my ears pierced last week! I forgot to mention that in my last entry)

When we went to see Jasmine, they asked us how far we came and if we came by camel.

Aladdin pointed out that my headband looks like Jasmine's. Aladdin and Jasmine were very friendly and held my hand. I smiled a lot at them when they were talking to me. I really liked looking at them.

 Aladdin told my brothers to stand like palace guards.

Aladdin told mommy he liked her shirt. She had on her Jasmine & Aladdin shirt :) 

Look! Jasmine kissed my hand!

I think so far Jasmine & Rapunzel are my favorite princesses. 

My Jasmine inspired headband was made by ScarletsShoppe.
My Jasmine inspired Romper was made by ThinkPinkBows.
And again, my brothers' Princess Protection Agency shirts were made by MissDelaneyShop.

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  1. Thanks for including Scarlets Shoppe in your princess journey, its fun for us to be a part of it :)