Monday, March 31, 2014

Do you wanna build a snowman?

We have not been able to go to Disney for a couple of weeks. My Daddy has been studying for his tests and exam for Fire Academy. We are hoping to go this coming weekend. Maybe to meet Jasmine or Mulan? 

I am now 3 months (and 11 days) old!

These last couple of weekends though, we have been keeping busy.

A couple weeks ago my cousin, Harry, came down from Georgia to visit us and to celebrate his 4th birthday. (He is the one in the orange up there ^) We all wish they could have stayed longer.

He had a Frozen theme so I showed up dressed for the occasion. 

My Aunt Gina did a great job with the decorating!

We have watched the Let it Go movie (Frozen) A dozen times. And we listen to the Frozen songs on repeat in the car. I like those songs! Usually I am an oldies girl. :)

Last weekend we did my first real photo shoot. Xtina Photography did our pictures.

Mommy has also almost finished finding all the Disney Princess outfits for me. :) I only need Merida, Tiana Pocahontas, & Anna. I am excited to see what she comes up with!

~ My Mita made my headband for my Elsa outfit and the snowflake attachment. :)

~ My Elsa shirt and my brother's PPA (Princess Protection Agency) shirts were all purchased from MissDelaneyShop HERE

~ My headbands for our photo shoot are from Scarletsshoppe HERE

~ Our pictures from our photo shoot were done by Xtina Photography HERE or her facebook page HERE

I can't wait to meet another Princess and to see the rest of the pictures from our photo shoot! 

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