Friday, March 14, 2014

Meeting Tink & a new parade!

Now, mommy already told me Tinker Bell is not technically a princess, but she also said every girl should meet Tink. So we met Tinker Bell a few days ago.

Tinker Bell was very nice and kept calling us Pixies. She talked a lot! 

She asked us if we were from Pixie Hollow. Pixie Hollow was very pretty with so many pretty flowers and trinkets! 

Tinker Bell was a very friendly fairy. I really liked her little shoes with the poof balls on them! I also love her pretty wings.

We also saw Tinker Bell in the brand new parade!

 And I recognized Rapunzel and Ariel too! I do not understand yet why Rapunzel had that thing in her hands though...

 I wonder who I will meet next! Check out this shirt mommy got me from an awesome shop on Etsy!

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