Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A dream is a wish your heart makes

Sunday we went to Animal Kingdom and saw different animals on the safari ride. The giraffes were stopping our truck because they were standing right in the road! 

I fell asleep while driving around.

Silly Austin had pretzel in his cheeks!

After that, we headed over to Magic Kingdom and rode the Winnie The Pooh ride and met Cinderella.

While waiting in line for Cinderella, I met a few very nice people. One little girl was dressed like Elsa and was so very nice! She was from Canada! :) We also saw someone mommy knew, named Holly!

Cinderella talked to me just a little bit & I liked her necklace and gloves.

I think Dominic thought Cinderella was pretty!

She seemed a little nervous when mommy let Dominic hold me for the picture, but everything was ok. 

Right next to Cinderella was Aurora so we got to meet her again. She was very nice. And she was telling him to make sure he fought the dragons away. 

I am almost 4 months old! Mommy thinks I may be teething. We probably will not be able to visit any princesses for a couple of weeks because we have a busy schedule with Daddy's graduation and Easter coming. But I think we will try to post a blog entry before we go again.

Mommy was just interviewed for an article to go onto Disney Baby! How exciting!! We will post a link as soon as we get it!

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