Wednesday, April 9, 2014

We love the ideas!

This one is not really written by "Destiny". Instead, it is written by mommy.

I have been having a good time making this blog for Destiny. Some may wonder why I do this. I plan to eventually make a photo book for her later on. I have enjoyed seeing people's reactions when I tell them about her blog. And it humbles me when I get posts on my facebook wall sharing different ideas for what I can do or just sharing something that reminds them of Destiny.  :) Some point out that I am having fun with her. They are right, I am trying to enjoy these baby moments while I can, because we have decided that she has completed our little family. I need to cherish the moments with all three of my kids while I can. Destiny was wished for for so long, so I have a ton of hopes and dreams for her.

My sisters asked me when I got so Disney obsessed. I have no idea. I think I have always loved Disney. I only went a couple of times when I was a kid. My favorite Disney movies are Peter Pan, Beauty & the Beast and Meet the Robinsons. I do LOVE Tangled and Frozen though. My favorite princesses are Belle, Jasmine and Rapunzel. 

I just thought I would share a few things that have been posted to me recently for ideas for Destiny.

This one was posted to me three times. lol I cannot wait till Destiny is at that stage where she can make these faces...although I do not want it to come too quickly. :(

This was posted to me recently. I am pretty sure Destiny needs a shirt like this! One of my friends found it on Pinterest (It is from Etsy.)

This one I got tonight. Gaston looks like a changed man! Otherwise, I do not think Belle would have given him the time of day lol. 

On top of these, I have gotten a few clothes/hair suggestions. I love this. Destiny is adored by her brothers, and pretty much everyone else. I look forward to posting more for her and sharing her journey with you. :) I am always open to new suggestions and ideas! Thanks everyone for the support! Also, I am in the process of making a facebook page with more pictures of her (not just all Disney focused) and with them including her family and stuff. :) You can look it up, but it is still in the process of becoming something.: A Princess Destiny

And I will end this blog post with a couple of pictures of Destiny. :)

This was taken the day we went to pick up the new Tinker Bell movie. Unfortunately, the last time she will wear this cute outfit. It ripped pretty badly when it went through the wash last time. :(

My first thumb sucker and blanket holder. So precious! <3

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