Sunday, November 2, 2014

Almost There, Down in New Orleans

We had intended on going to Disney about 3 weeks ago..But Austin and I had been sick back and forth for about a month. We had fevers, a bad cough, runny nose, etc. FINALLY we have gotten over it all and we got to go this past weekend. Mommy had been reserving Fast Passes for us to see Fantasmic, but had to keep rescheduling them.

We went on Saturday and started off at Magic Kingdom to go immediately to visit Tiana (from Princess & the Frog). Luckily, we made it right on time. When she came out and was on her way to her spot, she saw me and came over to me and said, "Aww sugar! Now don't fall asleep before you see me! I want to see that beautiful dress!"

When we got up to her she asked Dominic and Austin if they helped Mommy cook. Dominic told her how the last two days he had helped make dinner and the night before he helped make chicken noodle soup. She asked if it was homemade and we told her yes. Then she said she likes to make tomato soup and cheese sandwiches. She asked if we liked tomato soup and we told her not really. She also said I cannot try out her gumbo yet because I need more teeth. I have three and one more that just broke through! How many more do I need? :)

She liked my autograph book and put my name in it when she signed it. She also told me that my dress was prettier than hers. I liked her dress! She let me hold the vine on her flower. She was a very nice Princess!

We didn't get the chance to ask her where Prince Naveen was. Hopefully he was not making any new deals with the Shadow Man.

Once we finished meeting Tiana, we headed over to find something to eat and then headed out of the park to take a bus to Hollywood Studios. It was my first bus ride! Mommy let me sit in between her and Daddy in my own seat! I liked it & I loved looking around inside!

We went to see an Indiana Jones show and I kept trying to get the attention of a guy next to mommy. He smiled at me a few times, but he was more interested in watching the show. :) Dominic and Austin LOVED the show. It was silly.

After that, the boys (including Daddy) played with Hula Hoops and Mommy & I tried on hats. 

Finally, we went over to see the Fantasmic show. Before it started there were a few Cast Members keeping us busy and having us 'battle' over who was the loudest. We were on Team Mufasa. Once the show finally started, I watched every bit of it. We saw Mickey and even some Princesses! It was a great show! Mommy said we definitely have to go to see it again! Luckily I fell asleep on the way home. We had a very long day.

Sunday we went to the pumpkin patch to pick out a pumpkin for me. The boys already had a pumpkin for themselves.

I am 10 months old now. I stand up on anything I can. I will walk around the couches when I hold on. I have almost 4 teeth and still will not eat very much table food..I do not like sitting in my high chair and I do not like eating baby food or rice cereal. I like to chew on paper and my books and mommy is always fishing pieces out of my mouth..I am a pro at throwing tantrums. Mommy has to put me into my crib during some of them because I throw myself around and I may hurt myself. I have also been shaking and nodding my head a lot. I don't really know the difference yet, though.

I have gone on about 4 field trips with Austin and his class. A couple weeks ago we went to the County Fair and we saw a lot of different animals. We have also gone to a pumpkin patch. I got my flu shot a couple weeks ago with Dominic and Austin. I went first and mommy had them put a band aid on my finger to distract me. I made a tiny noise when they gave me the shot, but I immediately forgot about it.

My Aunt Claire is in labor, as I type. Soon, I will have a new cousin! His name will be Braylen! I cannot wait to meet him! :)

Since I wrote this entry on Tuesday night, but our internet was not working, Claire had her baby early Wednesday morning. My new baby cousin is named Braylen! I met him today and I was a little jealous when Mommy held him, but I think we will grow up to be good friends!

I also celebrated my first Halloween! We carved pumpkins with Grand Dad. Mommy made a tiara stencil for mine and then Dominic did a Pokeball and Austin had an Iron Man pumpkin. After we finished carving the pumpkins, Grand Dad headed home and we went Trick-Or-Treating at the mall. Dominic dressed up as Luke Skywalker, Austin was Yoda, & I was Princess Leia. Everyone loved our costumes! Time to start thinking about next year and what theme we can do! ;)

So anyway, we only have ONE more official Princess to meet, and that is Anna! Maybe we can meet her soon! Hopefully when we do, the line is not too long. :) And we also hope that next time, it doesn't take too long to post the entry. :/ We had it almost all ready to post last week and the internet went down, then it took a while to get the pictures together and then we got busy with the rest of the week.

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*Mommy got my dress from 5 Little Monkeys Design shop on Etsy.


  1. That top picture with the Tiana dress and the frog is so cute!

    1. Thanks! :) I just happen to have that frog with the crown from when my 4 yr old son was a baby lol.