Monday, September 15, 2014

Tale As Old As Time

Hello! I know that it has been quite a while since I have posted an entry, but like I've said before, we tend to avoid Disney during the hot summer months.

Last Friday (9/5) we went to see Belle. When we got there, first we went to the Mickey's PhilharMagic show and then headed straight to Enchanted Tales With Belle.

Austin got to pretend he was the little step stool dog, he was so cute! He also got a sweet hug from Belle!

I got to hold her hand for a small moment. She was very pretty and soft spoken.

We actually ended up heading home shortly after that, because we needed to go pick Dominic up from school. We still had some fun though. :)

We originally planned to get this entry up Monday, but Mommy noticed a pretty yucky rash on my face and arms, so of course, we needed to take care of me, rather than write this entry. :) The rash is still not gone, but Mommy took me to the doctor to have them check it out and she was not sure what it could be from. No change in soaps or detergents, and no different types of food. So for now, Mommy just tries to keep me from rubbing it and if it is not gone by next Monday, we will go back to the doctor. Also, Austin ended up coming down with a sore throat and cough, so it really has been very busy here!

Since I went to see Merida, I have turned 8 months old (I am almost 9 months!) I crawl great, but do not care too much about my knees on the floor. I pull myself up to stand all the time and I have been trying to stand on my own a lot, I have stood alone for almost 5 seconds!

Mommy has been letting me explore flowers, I like looking at them and pulling them apart. 

I am not a big fan of loud thunder, but I do like looking at the rain.

I have been to a birthday party where I got to dress up in my Pocahontas outfit! 

Summer has ended for Dominic and he's started back in school, and Austin just started VPK last week. I've been wondering where they are all day. Luckily, Austin is only gone for a little bit. 

Two days after we went to meet Belle, we went to my Aunt Claire's baby shower! My Uncle Sean & Aunt Gina were able to come down and bring my cousin Harry too!

Wednesday is Dominic's 10th birthday, so we are going to have a party for him on Saturday! I can't wait! I love my brother, Dominic!

In a few weeks we are hoping to go meet Tiana and see the Fantasmic show, we have never seen that show so we are pretty excited for that.

Keep checking my Facebook page to see more up to date updates. I will be 9 months in 5 more days! And soon it will be Halloween, so I will make an update then too! 

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